It’s the #slowwardrobechallenge !

During this month show your TRUE ethical and sustainable colours by doing our challenge. We’ll keep you updated on our instagram, facebook and linkedin pages! Mrs Uptown shows you how.

It’s #secondhandseptember! Can you rise to the #slowwardrobechallenge & buy only #secondhand this month & wear ONLY #ethical #sustainable style? Here’s how….


1) what is already in your wardrobe (bonus points if it is more than 5 years old)
➡️ I wear a secondhand LV shirt, over 5 years old!

2) ethical sustainable brands (@fairwear or other audit approved)
➡️ I’m wearing from #downtownuptowngeneve : Tallis belt, APPAREAL coat @paquisbeachdowntown bag

 3) second-hand or hand-me-down
➡️ I’m wearing secondhand pants from our shop!

4) #vintage (made before the 1990s!)
➡️ I’m wearing a Chanel 1980s vintage necklace (from our shop ;)).

5) non-disposable #facemask!
➡️ I’m wearing from Maison Baluchon.

6) don’t forget your shoes too.
➡️ I’m wearing VEJA

🏅 Merit if you wear 3 or 4 of the above combined💃🏻

🥉 Bronze medal if your underwear is also an ethical brand 🙈
➡️ I’m wearing Underprotection – ethics & aesthetics

🥈 Silver medal if your hair and makeup products are ecologically sound, toxin free and not tested on animals ☘️🐁
➡️ I use @thebodyshop @aesop @grownalchemist @drhauschka

🥇 Gold medal if your jewellery has NO conflict diamonds and the precious metal is fairmined 💎
➡️ I’m wearing locally made bracelets from survivors of trafficking & conflict.

🏆 Trophy if nothing in the background of your photo is made unsustainably 😉


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