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“DOWNTOWN UPTOWN Genève”, is the ONLY boutique in Switzerland that combines high-end luxury consignment (authenticated “pre-loved” second-hand) & new socially responsible designer fashion, established in Geneva in January 2014. We have had a shop online since 2015 – the first in Geneva and one of the first in Switzerland! We ship worldwide. Shop a select range of over 1000 items online – new arrivals every day here: https://www.downtownuptowngeneve.com/shop/, or come visit the boutique, where we have over 4’000 items.

We also host & feature new designer ethical and sustainable fashion brands each 6 months in the boutique. See our latest (and previous brands) here: https://www.downtownuptowngeneve.com/ethical-fashion/

“UPTOWN” for women, focusses on chic style for day, evening and weekend wear, as well as an extensive range of shoes, bags & accessories. We post new arrivals to the boutique/website and events on instastories or facebookstories which you can follow for updates.

“UPTOWN Genève Privé” is a private salon by appointment (call +41 78 635 6447), where you can view and buy our higher-end items, such as Hermès Birkin & Kelly bags, Chanel bags and clothes, and other haute couture; métiers d’art or collector items from Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Valentino & Gucci. You can also see and buy them online here: https://www.downtownuptowngeneve.com/product-tag/uptown-prive/

“DOWNTOWN” for men, has high quality second-hand clothes, shoes, bags & accessories, including a range of vintage luxury watches. We post new arrivals to the boutique/website and events on instagram or facebook which you can follow for updates.

Our team at many years of experience in the luxury industry and personally authenticate all our items.

What people are saying

“Uptown boutique geneva is the good address to shop your second hand designer brand, where you can found the item still in very good quality (like a brand new) and with interesting price and very nice staff as well, definitely I will come back!”

Dhanie / February 2018

“I had trust issues before about purchasing online, but with UPTOWN there are absolutely no worries at all! I just simply love my LV bag…”


Sara / July 2016


We bring you quality recycled luxury brands and socially responsible fashion, for both men & women, in Genève, Switzerland.

We began in December 2013 and expanded the shop in September 2016 to better serve you with a larger space and more options.

We have had a shop online since 2015 (the first in Geneva!) and sell internationally!

See below for more info on our team with years of experience in the fashion, ethical & second-hand industries.

The idea of “DOWNTOWN UPTOWN” is to offer a range of fashion that promotes better buying, social responsibility and protection of the environment. In addition, to give a second life to your clothes and to convey a message:

To be more responsible and involved in our consumerism. 

We also pay attention to all matters relating to minimising consumerism, in this regard, we strive to minimise our impact and to promote good practices (waste sorting, recycling, fair trade and non-exploitation (fair conditions in clothing & shoe manufacturing)).

If you visit our store in rue de Monthoux, or online and make a purchase, you will automatically be contributing to recycling or ethical consumerism  … we do all the hard work in sourcing, verifying and authenticating – so that you can buy responsibly without effort..

Each year, we engage in ethical and socially responsible platforms and buyer meetings to source new stock for the boutique. Our team has many years experience in human rights monitoring and research, including in labour supply chains. We also attend the annual UN forum on business and human rights, to provide a small business perspective to the meetings.

With our consignment items, our team has many years of authentication experience and we choose only the best quality luxury brands (in excellent or mint condition), or unusual vintage items to offer to you.

The team



Giji directs “UPTOWN”. She has over 20 years experience in human security and including work on counter-labour exploitation and with FairWear. She is the CEO that handles DOWNTOWN UPTOWN’s consignment systems, ethical designers, social responsibility, supply chains and authentication.

She holds a Bachelor of Public Policy & Management & International Relations and a Masters in International Development & Business and has 23 years experience in running organisations internationally. 

Giji is our in-house expert on authentication with over 6 years of expertise.



Christophe directs “DOWNTOWN”. With an experience of over 25 years in the sale of luxury items in Switzerland, both in Geneva and Zurich (Gucci, Burberry, Smalto, Hermès), Christophe is the chief front-man of the boutique to welcome everyone and is there to answer your needs to make the perfect purchase!

He also is passionate about vintage watches and can source special pieces for you on request.



As with every business, we cannot run without our behind the scenes crew!

Harry is our web guru – looking after our website and computer needs. Martin takes care of those internety & publicity things. Luca stocks our online presence and JR does our admin.

Thanks guys!