“I chose to consign a second time with DOWNTOWN UPTOWN, as the first time most of my items were sold and any returns were in immaculate condition! They are professional and look after everything for you!“

Céline / consignor in 2020

Sell your items with the experts!

Updated AUGUST 2023

See the steps below to sell your items.

DOWNTOWN UPTOWN is your luxury consignment (seconde main de luxe) boutique in Geneva – curating for you since 2014. 

We have had over 800 consignors and we currently manage a continual turnover of 3’000 items, which we sell internationally with our partners online across 25 platforms to up to 50 million customers. 

Our team has dozens of years experience in the luxury and second-hand industry – including at Hermès – so we provide the ultimate in high-level service and knowledge to sell your items for you.

Both our boutique owners have bought and sold in the second-hand market for over 20 years each – so we have the most in-depth knowledge and historical analysis of luxury consignment in Geneva. We use our own database and pricing developed over our years of experience.

We have sold to every continent and have long-term consignors that stay with us even after leaving Geneva!

Put your trust in experience.

How to sell

For men

August 2023:

Taking HIGH VALUE mid-season for men. Clothes / shoes / accessories / bags.

For men, we take luxury, and some unusual brands (see our brand list on the left hand side via the shop here)  for clothes and all accessories & bags. 

Please note from August 2023, we do NOT take: suits, t-shirts, nor mid-range brands (and certainly no fast-fashion brands!)

Minimum 5 items to begin a contract. The exception is rare, in demand or high-value luxury brand items (Chanel, Hermès, LV) – these we can take an individual item for consignment, so do not hesitate to contact us for these items.



For women

August 2023:

Taking ONLY luxury bags and accessories for women.

Coats & high-end jackets we will recommence depot-vente in September (you can already send the request below).

PLEASE NOTE, from August 2023, we do NOT take dresses / tops / bottoms / shoes / boots any more.

We currently have a high demand for recent season and iconic luxury / designer bags: Hermès, Céline, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, (recent) Bottega Veneta, Prada, always in demand. 

We will consider ONLY luxury brands (see our brand list on the left hand side via the shop here)  

Minimum 5 items to begin a contract. The exception is rare, in demand or high-value luxury brand items (Chanel, Hermès, LV) – these we can take an individual item for consignment, so do not hesitate to contact us for these items.




Any queries must be made via the website/email ONLY (see below) and if we take your items, we will contact you.

We will also respond if we do not take your items.

Please respect that we are professional with years of experience and knowledge and we do not give free valuation/price estimates for you to sell in your own vide-dressing or elsewhere. With pleasure we can give a price estimation for a fee. All price valuations for clients that sell with us are free. Thank you!

We do not take second second-hand items. You MUST be the original buyer of the item. 


Include all items in ONE email only,

  • please send ONE photo of each item (noting in text in the email the brand & the size if they are not visible on the photo) via this form:*

** PLEASE NOTE we no longer take summer clothes, fur, nor long boots.
** we do not take non-designer or non-luxury brands.

* If we do not take your items, we will also answer you.

Send us an email

    I have read and agree to all the instructions and conditions on this page.

    STEP 2)

    If we take your items, we contact you on how to proceed and we fix a RDV.

    We also offer a pick-up service in :
    Genève centre for 40chf or
    Canton of Geneva for 50chf
    Vaud (near Geneva) 60chf
    Lausanne 80chf
    Vaud / Valais / Bern / Zurich and other cantons on request. 

    * For bags: Please do NOT clean the outside of luxury bags, except at a professional spa of the brand of the bag itself. Please CLEAN and remove all items and dust/hair from the pockets/inside, using a lint remover. We will charge a fee for cleaning if necessary.

    *For shoes: please clean the soles! We will charge a fee for cleaning if necessary.

    *For clothes: items MUST be washed or dry-cleaned and brought uncrumpled  on hangers. Any items that need cleaning or ironing, we will charge a fee (see conditions below).

    Receive your RDV

    STEP 3)

    We do the photos, presentation, publicity, buyer negotiation and delivery, to sell your items in Geneva, across Switzerland and via our website & platform partners internationally! As we do all the work…..

    • You will receive 50 to 80% of the base sale price (we work on a scaled commission calculated by our system with an algorithm, the higher the value of the item, the higher % you receive).
    • We take care of paying VAT / TVA (tax).
    • We then sell your items in our boutique in Geneva, on our website, via social media and google and through 25 international platforms online to 50 million customers – so your items receive the maximum exposure possible!

    We will give you more details once we set your appointment.

    TIP: You may find a higher commission rate on online platforms, or privately, but YOU do all the work and sale negotiations can be brutal! Equally, newcomers to the online re-sale market may try to convince you with lower commissions, but they do not have our years of expertise, they can undersell, are not likely to be registered and may have problems with payments to you.

    See more about who we are and our expertise here.

    You relax!

    STEP 4)

    You collect payment:

    • We can do a bank transfer.
    • Or you can pick up in cash.
    • Or you can buy something in our boutique for a discount!

    Receive your money!

    See more details below. Our general legal information is here.

    General conditions for consignment – DOWNTOWN UPTOWN (Genève)

    Updated September 2022. Full conditions will be given upon contract agreement.


    1. A copy of your ID is required.


    2. All counterfeit articles will be refused. We authenticate everything physically before sale.


    3. Bring your items cleaned! If not, a cost will be added.


    4a. Selling with us is exclusive as we sell for you on our 25 platforms! 


    4.b Short term or an open contract.


    5. You are paid by bank transfer/cash:
    a) when your contract expires, or
    b) when sales are confirmed, on a regular basis.


    6. We sell on hybrid channels for you! In our 120m2 boutique next to the 5 star hotels in Geneva. On our own website. On 25 international resale platforms including the largest in Europe, Asia and the Arab states.