We use French sizing for clothes and EU/French sizing for shoes

Please see a comparison chart below.

We use metric (cm) for dimensions of bags and lengths of accessories.

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Below is extracted from a good guide from Farfetch:

What is your French size? 

The number one rule of French sizing is that there are no rules – your size may change depending on the cut of the clothing, the brand you’re purchasing from, and the country the brand is from (French sizing is used in Spain, Portugal and Belgium as well as France). 

It’s also important to know that French sizing works under two systems: Alpha sizing and Numerical sizing. 

Alpha Sizing

Alpha sizing is the simplified system where two to three numerical clothing sizing are combined into a single letter size (think S, M & L etc.). Typically, alpha sizing is reserved for casual clothing, such as tees, hoodies, joggers and sweatshirts. 

Either use your regular alpha size when shopping from French brands, or take a size up as the French alpha sizing system isn’t as accommodating as other sizing systems.

Numerical Sizing

The more classical French sizing system is the numerical sizing system in which a number denotes a size relating to specific measurements – say a male’s chest. This system is used when a precise cut and fit is paramount.


Numerical French Clothes Sizing:

Shirt Sizing

  • US/UK size x 2.54 = French size (if you round the figure up to the nearest whole number)
  • EU / Italian size = French size

Suit Sizing

  • US/UK Size + 10 = French size
  • EU / Italian Size = French size