Giji goes DOWNTOWN UPTOWN & weekend relax on WRS

Mrs Uptown chats slow fashion, 1960s vintage, second hand and ethical designer fashion, with Katt Cullen on WRS.

Katt and Giji chatted about ethical style and listened to DOWNTOWN by Petula Clark on Wednesday:

Then about customers and the change towards second-hand whilst listening to UPTOWN Girl by Bill Joel on Thursday.

On Friday Katt and Giji discussed what is style and how adapt it to you, using inspiration from Antonio Carlos Jobim’s The Girl from Ipanema – ready for the weekend?

Giji wears:

Spanish designer dress 10 years old,
Omega vintage watch from DOWNTOWN UPTOWN,
Lanvin belt and bag from DOWNTOWN UPTOWN,
Chanel sandals from DOWNTOWN UPTOWN,
Irma Wy ethical designer earrings from Indonesia – showcased at DOWNTOWN UPTOWN.

She is taking a selfie at Lépicier in Geneva on Quai Mt Blanc.

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