Upcycled with love from Sonia Jasmine

Sonia Jasmine is a Geneva based atelier that creates hand-made jackets.

Each piece is unique. They entirely up/recycled with high-quality denim. They are then trimmed and customised with silk scarves from luxury brands.

They are then finished with upcycled buttons in 925 silver, gold-plate or for that special touch, silver with diamonds.

The core of the atelier is the creation of ethical, exceptional and unique clothing.


Sonia Jasmine imagines and conceives her jackets with her partner dressmaker. She is keen to choose with care, the materials, colors and luxury silk scarves that will sublimate the model. Several stages follow: the creation of prototypes with our artisans, fitting and adjustments.

“Even if “time” is an essential component of the Swiss identity, at Sonia Jasmine Atelier, we take the needed time to achieve the desired result, from the design to the final manufacture by our atelier and our “Genevois” partners. A unique know-how such as buttons in recycled silver or gold plated 18K engraved with our logo, as well as customization and embroidery with 24 carats gold thread made by hand. It’s all in the details… Sonia Jasmine Atelier is also a team where everyone brings their know-how, each resource is respected because together we are so much better. Besides that our models are unique, they are as well the fruit of a passion for fashion, a desire to sublimate denim by making it as elegant as possible to offer you a collection that is up to what you deserve. Sonia Jasmine made the choice to manufacture in Switzerland, which is therefore more expensive, for only one reason: Quality by the choice of partners and the working conditions.”


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